Plan 9 was started in Oakland, CA in 1997 as a Misfits tribute band. What started as something the band thought would be a one-time deal, became a band which, according to Danzig himself, are ‘Better than the Misfits.’ Plan 9’s first live show not only sold-out in under an hour, but had in attendance Kirk … Read more

Red Apples is a new cover band that plays songs from Quentin Tarantino movies. Come see them perform in a chosen Quentin character for their kickoff show! Red Tuesday plays covers from the 80’s, 90’s and today. Come and get your dance on with them! Cleve-Land is the best indie pop you will here this … Read more

Great bands, art, and models come to celebrate new music and networking for music pros, fans, and beer lovers. Great on tap varieties! 21+ $5 7 P.M. Phaneron 11 P.M. Solace10 P.M. Trez Maschine 9 P.M. Evan Raymond (solo) 8 P.M. P-Gizzo tha gizzkid BOE is Special Guest Host 7 P.M. … Read more