Syncopated Gothic Groove Rock…


Yes, often syncopated with a danceable groove, echoing The Police without the Reggae undertones, even at times touching upon Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music. Gothic?… Well, yes… and no. In fact, it is actually easier to describe what this music is not. It is not Goth, Hard Rock, nor Heavy Metal. It is not Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, and really not even Progressive Rock as most people think of it. Although Sluka is affected by true gothic style, architecture, mood, history, and the Kafka-esque psychology of Bohemia, from where the name Sluka originates and from where some of his ancestors emigrated two centuries ago,… and although often lyrically he lives in a world of melancholy, Sluka is not Goth. It is not easy to categorize Sluka and so it must simply fall into the catchall genre of Rock. Clearly influenced by many diverse artists, it is inspired, emotional, professionally produced, melodic, well aware of and resigned to the harsh realities of life, and yet ultimately… extraordinarily… hopeful. Making music on his own terms and not seeking the spotlight in his own country for the past three decades, much has now been written about him in 2016. And although not as widely known as his contemporaries, he does appear to have cleverly avoided the pitfalls of those artists forever immersed in the pursuit of fame game.

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