Punxmas 2

10 years ago, a group of friends from the foothills decided to celebrate the music they love and their friendships with a massive show held at the Valley Springs vets hall. Gifts were exchanged, music was played, a nose was broken (sorry about that). 10 years later and were all older but still doing what we love, even if we’re in different bands, and with new cherished friends. So with Punxmas 2 we hope you come to celebrate musicians that originated in our small community and the friendships it’s helped you and us build over the years. So in the spirit of those teenagers celebrating what they loved 10 years ago, let’s come together again and make a night to remember.

Rise and Strike (Sonora hometown heroes)

Lightweight (Ex foothill now Sacramento rad bois)

Vital Throw (Foothill fast melodic bois)

Defender Grade (foothill pop punky bois)


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