HXXS Tuxedo Gleam Small Crimes Stinging Nettle Hum Drum!

Spring Break Everything 2: Take 1!
It all begins with this! 5 of the best Electronic, Grimewave, Psychedelic, Minimal Synth bands to ever come through Sonora all on one stage. 4 18″ subs. 3 other things. A venue ran by 2 amazing people. It all adds up to 1 grate night!

This is a party that should not be missed. There will be room to wiggle and things to break(please do not break glasses or plates, or walls, or anything owned by the bar, there will be party favors of all kinds to let out your inner party monster on in their place.)

Hum Drum is a mystery, but I personally guarantee you will like it, or I will give you a hug and a written apology…

$8 at the door!
$6 if you are dressed up in your Spring Break best!
$10 limited run presale tickets for both Take 1 and Take 2!

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