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“He covers all the ground that the music demands, from lyric and delicate to appropriately dissonant. Finally, he has a profound understanding of improvisation, which is the essence and key to the Grateful Dead music in which he specializes. It’s no wonder he’s one of a tiny handful of keyboardists that rank as the genre’s go-to choices for all-star groups.” -DENNIS McNALLY, former Grateful Dead publicist and historian, author of “A Long Strange Trip, the Inside History of the Grateful Dead.” Bio Musician: Keyboardist/Vocalist Scott Guberman is an American keyboardist, vocalist, and songwriter. He began playing with Phil Lesh and Friends in 2015, most notably during the re-creation shows that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead. Guberman was also a member of Lesh’s band Communion. An ever important member of the Bay Area music scene, Guberman has played with just about every band and musician that’s a part of it. When not touring and playing across the U.S. with almost every professional band that plays the music of the Grateful Dead and more, Guberman tours internationally with The Gilmour Project. Scott Guberman’s history finds him breaking into the Grateful Dead scene at the turn of the millennium. He first gained recognition as a Hammond organist performing heavily with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and former Grateful Dead keyboardist, Tom Constanten; and touring with Grateful Dead’s final keyboardist, Vince Welnick.