Disastroid/Drown The Rat/Wet Meadow

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Day II: April Fools
X Days for X Years: A Decade of Hits Anniversary Celebration

Disastroid: SF serving up sludgy, grunge-infused stoner rock for the better part of a decade now, refining a sound that weaves angular guitar lines together with odd time signatures and hazy walls of fuzz. As influenced by 90’s noise rock as they are by modern psych, doom, and post-metal, Disastroid delivers delivers the riffs while also embracing layers of tripped-out noise and unpredictable song structures

Drown The Rat: Formerly known as SANTAGA, Drown the Rat (D.T.R) is a STONER PUNK band from the Santa Cruz Mountains

Wet Meadow: Gold Country Garbage Rock. Soft and moist like a dewy meadow at dawn….