Bridget & The Nameless/Jesus and the Dinosaurs/Killpoets

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Bridget Powers embraces her politically incorrect stage name, Bridget the Midget.

“It’s punk rock, right?” she says. “Who gives a fuck?”

The 3-foot-9-inch Powers, who’s technically a dwarf, commands total vocal domination fronting her punk group The Bridget & The Nameless. On raucous escapades including “American Farmboy” and “Grandfather Clock,” the Las Vegas outfit’s raunchy three-chord Ramones-esque melodies blend seamlessly with the attitude of nihilistic ’90s grunge outsiders, a la Veruca Salt.

Shortly after the band formed and named itself Blakkout, they made the switch to The Bridget & The Nameless. Powers says the name immediately attracted larger crowds; she has already amassed a cult following from her stint as a pornstar in the late ’90s, appearing in more than 100 adult films as Bridget the Midget